Trigger Warning!

Hello, little fighters! I'm so sorry I haven't been active on this blog, I have been so busy with work. Anyway, today I am here to talk about self-harm and self-harm scars. If you are easily triggered reading about self-harm then please do not read any further… I have recently noticed on my social media accounts that there are a tremendous amount of posts and tweets concerning self-harm. This inspired me to write my thoughts about the topic: To be completely honest, I don't think to self-harm in any way makes you a bad or "weak" person. I think it shows that you've struggled in the past, but you have overcome those obstacles. In life, you may be given an obstacle that you have no control over. While living through that obstacle you may have felt lonely, uncared for, or even worthless. With that being said, you dealt with that obstacle the best way you could and in return, you started to self-harm. In other words, you did the best that you could with the cards that you were given… You aren't a terrible person. Please don't feel guilty or ashamed. Don't get me wrong, self-harm should not be romanticized nor should scars, but I see scars as battle wounds. You are now stronger than before because you had no other choice to be. You may still be working through that obstacle or you are recovering… Either way, don't beat yourself up for relapsing. It's all part of the recovery process and one day you will be able to say "I no longer self-harm", but until that day comes please don't stop fighting. I am so proud of you for never giving up!

Your dearest friend,




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