If you are struggling with mental illnesses (e.g., self-harm, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, and etc) please know that recovery is possible. Think of yourself like a working masterpiece because that's essentially what you are. You will have days where things seem to be impossible to handle, but somehow you were still able to get through it. You are so much stronger than you let yourself believe. You have literally survived 100% of your most difficult days… If that doesn't prove how amazing you are then I don't know what will. On another note, please keep in mind that everything takes time. You will be truly happy one day, but until that day, please keep holding on. Never forget it's okay to not be okay. Don't beat yourself up for that because you are trying your best and I see that. You are worth that smile on that stunning face of yours. You make me happy because I know that you're still alive. You will get better in time, I promise. You will have many painful bumps in the road, but don't let those bumps define you. Define yourself as the person that never gave up hope no matter what the circumstances were because look– you haven't. How else were you able to read this? Don't be so hard on yourself. You deserve a lot more credit than you give yourself. Stay Strong!!

Your dearest friend,



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