Stay Strong

Not Weak, Just Brave

I have moments in my life where I feel like everything is tumbling down around me and I can't catch any of the falling pieces. In other words, I just feel like I can't control anything and everything is turning into -enter cuss word here-. Whenever I feel this way, I find myself thinking that I am weak and I can't carry on. But, the truth is, that you can keep going. You have the power to never give up because giving up is a choice that you make. It's also important to remember that crying is not giving up. Crying is a natural reaction since birth. It expresses how upset we are after something horrible has occurred. It does not, however, signify that you are in any way shape or form weak. If anything, it shows that you are only human and you can only handle so much. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's okay to cry! Let it all out. Then after you do that, pick yourself back up again. And if you have trouble doing that on your own then you can always ask for help. I am here for you! I want you to be truly happy because you so deserve to be. You are actually super strong. Because you are being so vulnerable when you cry after keeping everything in for so long… That is called being brave!


You dearest friend,



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