You'll Be Okay

One Step at a Time

This is another of my favorite quotes because it's something that I live by every single day. Of course, I'm not perfect and I still need to work on it, but it's a good motto to live by. We all go through so many challenging things in life. Sometimes not all at once and other times the exact opposite. You will have days as easy as pie and other days where you want to hide from the world because you have too much on your plate. I've been there before- wanting to wide from the world part. Whenever I feel too overwhelmed I try to breathe, relax, and take a step back. Then I remember that I ain't a super ninja that can knock out all of these tasks or situations in seconds. Taking up too much at once or finding all of the answers in a short period of time can be overwhelming… And incredibly exhausting. That is one of the many reasons why it's so important to take "one step at a time." It's okay to not have all of the solutions right now. No one should be asking you anything more than to try your best to over come those obstacles. The amazing thing about dealing with all of this is that you don't have to be alone! Continue to take one step at a time and ask for help when needed. Never be afraid to reach out for help. Like I've mentioned before, we are only human. I think you are doing perfectly fine with the whole "human thing." I'm also here if you need anything… You aren't alone.


Your dearest friend,



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