Alternatives to Self-harm Acts

Please put down whatever you were going to use to self-harm. You are better than that. Things just happen and it’s not your fault. Don’t forget how beautiful/handsome you are. You are alive for a reason and find whatever makes you happy or stay. People love and care for you (including myself!) Please try to not concentrate on those destructive thoughts. I want to also remind you that you are a walking inspiration. You’ve made it through hell and might still be struggling, but look at you… YOU KEPT GOING DESPITE THE ODDS. You might have relapsed before, but that’s part of moving forward/recovering. No one is perfect, including you and there’s nothing wrong with that. All that matters is that you’re trying your best! I wish you gave yourself more credit. You are doing amazing! Hopefully these help:

1. Take a long bath/shower 🛁
2. Journal about why 💭
3. Talk to someone that you trust 📞
4. Cook even if you aren’t good at it 🍗
5. Dance to your fav song! Have fun 💃🏽
6. Sing like no one is listening 🎤
7. Listen to UPBEAT songs 🎧
8. Go for a run/walk 🏃🏽🚶🏽
9. Read a book outside 📚
10. Make a collage (that’s a great app called “Pic Collage” that’s pretty good) 📷
11. Take pics 📸
12. Take your pet out for a walk 🐶
13. Visit a friend and chill 🙂
14. Make lists (this helps me a lot! Or make a pros and cons list) ✏️
15. Go to sleep 😴💤
16. Watch your fav show or movie (OMG I LOVE doing this so much) 📽
17. Watch funny vids on YouTube or Vine 😂
18. Go on YouTube and watch your fav YouTuber ❤️
19. Write down negative thoughts and tear them up/burn 💥
20. Clean/organize your house/room 🏡

Here are some more!!! (they might repeat, sorry)

21. Draw 🎨
22. Play a musical instrument (if you can) 🎸
23. Play with your pet 🐶🐱
24. Meditate or do Yoga 💆
25. Build a fort ✊
26. Scream really loudly (preferably in a pillow if you aren’t home alone) 😩😫
27. Punch something that’s NOT YOURSELF!! 👊💢💥
28. Make funny faces in the mirror 🙈🙉🙊
29. Blast MUSIC!!! 🎧🎶
30. Color ✏️
31. Star/Cloud gaze ⭐️☁️
32. Bake something yummy (it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while) 🍪🍰🍦
33. Count to 100 (relax and count slowly) 1⃣2⃣3⃣
– Snap a rubber band on your wrist (try to not to it to the point where it leaves red marks) 🙅
34. Cuddle a stuff animal 🐻🐼
35. CRY IT ALL OUT*** 😭❤️
36. Take a WARM shower or bath 🛀🚿
37. Re/Read your favorite book/comic 📕
38. Finger paint ☝️
39. Play with play-dough 🙌
40. Clean something, ANYTHING! 🍃
41. Drink warm tea or hot chocolate ☕️🍵
42. Play on a swing or trampoline 😁
43. Go shopping (you deserve something nice for yourself) 💼💄
44. Draw on yourself
>> Butterfly Project 🌸
>> Heart Project 💕



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