Breathe- Jessica Warren

This is a poem that one of my good friends wrote for this blog! I do have to say that I absolutely love it. It’s deep and quite relatable. There are moments in our lives where we feel like we want to disappear and be forgotten. Maybe for the fact that we don’t think people care or they would be better off without us. We also may think that we deserve the pain we feel, but you don’t. You deserve to be just as happy as you (may) pretend to be. I know that one day you will feel and be truly happy. Everything takes time… All that matters is that you’re trying to move forward. Anyway, I’m hoping you like it just as much as I did! Enjoy 🙂

I hold my breath

Not wanting to breathe

Feeling as if all that I feel will


Wanting time to stop

Because I know its too late to go back

Trying so hard to not feel my

heart beat through my chest

Shutting my mouth so shut

As if it won’t be able to open


Not saying anything

Cause there is so much to say

But you won’t be able to get

the words out

Without drowning

I don’t want to breathe

Breathing makes me feel alive

And feeling alive makes me feel pain

And pain makes me feel like dying.




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