Stay Strong

And you are living despite it all – rupi kaur

I love that quote because it's honestly true. You go through difficult times throughout your life and you may tell yourself "I can't do this," or "I'm giving up." It's amazing how we don't find ourselves doing any of those things. Just like the quote said, despite it all, you are still here, living. I know that it may feel like life is kicking your ass and there's no way out, but remember that things don't stay that way forever. I also want to remind you of how strong you are. I personally believe staying here, on earth, is a choice. You could end it all now, but you decided to fight through the pain. You are truly an inspiration for that. It really takes a lot of willpower, especially emotionally, to fight those negative thoughts…. But, you are a living proof that it's possible. Lastly, I just want to thank you for being so brave in this fight called life. You've tackled so many things head on without realizing it. I just hope you know that you are a wonderful human being that deserves the entire world. Thank you for everything that you do… I hope to see you reading my next post.

Your dearest friend,



3 thoughts on “And you are living despite it all – rupi kaur

  1. Kirsten, the beautiful messages of kindness, love and strength that you share are inspiring. It’s small acts of kindness that make the world shine and your blog is one of those precious acts. Much love, Kimmy.

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